Entrance and front doors

Front doors and entrance doors are designed to be inviting, set accents in the façade and are the central element of the entrance to the house. In addition, they should provide good thermal insulation and high sound insulation.

Which door and material you want to use depends on several factors, such as the individual taste, the budget and the type of property (style, style, etc.).

The most common materials of the doors are:

  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Wood

Front doors made of aluminum

Front doors made of aluminum are bought very often because they meet high standards in terms of safety and durability. As front doors made of aluminum do not deform, they are considered particularly stable.

Thanks to the durable material, the doors defy all weather conditions and are especially easy to clean.

Plastic entrance doors

With plastic entrance doors, they have unlimited creative freedom.With a wide range of colors, coatings and decorative elements, they make their front door completely to their own taste. Entrance doors made of plastic have the great advantage that they are very easy-care and durable.

For the thermal insulation of a house, plastic entrance doors are a good choice due to the good insulating properties of the material.

Front doors made of wood

Wood provides optimum properties for a front door: The material is not only natural and durable, but also has good insulation properties and sound insulation. Wood is a natural building material that looks particularly beautiful and noble. Unfortunately, front doors made of wood, compared to other materials, are very caring.

The combinations of the individual materials give wooden doors with glass elements a very unique character.

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Sliding systems as doors

Sliding doors, e.g. for the terrace, are a popular solution. They can be opened to save space, do not fall into the lock with every gust of wind and are easy to operate. There are many types of sliding doors, ia. Fold & Slide Systems, Sliding & Turning Systems, Holffolding Walls.

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Individual doors: our product portfolio
There are many design options, e.g. whether the door should be made of plastic, aluminum, wood or a combination of wood and aluminum. With a large RAL color range and many assessiores, you can perfect your personal door.

You can download the catalog of our door and model variants here.

Examples of some underer house and residential doors

We leave nothing to be desired. They determine the design, patterns and materials. We can manufacture your dream door from aluminum, wood and plastic, in your desired color and decor. Let us advise you and sift through our assortment!

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